Welcome to the Coalition!

March 25, 2011, marked the Centennial of the infamous Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire,
which took the lives of 146 workers, mostly young immigrant women, and galvanized a movement for social justice. In concert with hundreds of organizations and individuals across the country, The Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition – a nationwide coalition of organizations and individuals — produced hundreds of commemorative events – activism, education, arts – for the centennial.


The long overdue Triangle fire permanent memorial is coming into focus! In honor of the victims, and in the name of social and economic justice, the Triangle Factory fire public memorial will be built. And, together, all of us will make it happen.

Be a part of the foundation. Be a part of history. There are literally dozens of ways to be involved right now: fundraising events are being planned, events and actions surrounding the new memorial are being developed, and we’re constantly brainstorming new and ingenious ways to get the word out.

If it’s been a while, let us hear from you!

Thank you!!

  • Video of the Workers United Centennial Commemoration 25 March 2011, NYC
  • Press on the Centennial
  • Bells – were rung across the country at 4:45 pm, 25 March 2011 when the first fire alarm for the fire sounded.
  • Submit your stories, images and documents to the Triangle Fire Open Archive
  • There are still more events – check out the calendar
  • All roads lead to the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Memorial – get the scoop!
  • Join the Coalition
Who We Are:
The Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition connects individuals and organizations with the 1911 Triangle Factory Fire, one of the central events in US history, a turning point
in labor’s struggle to achieve fair wages, dignity at work and safe working conditions. Outrage at the deaths of 146 mostly young female immigrants inspired the union movement and helped to institute worker protections and fire safety laws. Today, basic rights and benefits in the workplace are not a guarantee in the United States or across the world. We believe it is more vital than ever that these issues are defended.


Our Mission:
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