The Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition thanks all the organizations and individuals who generously support the continuing work of the Coalition with financial contributions. View Change Agent supporters here.

Thanks to our most recent donors:

Board Donors
Suzanne Pred Bass
Robin Berson
Meg Browne
Rose Imperato
Sherry Kane
Mary Anne Trasciatti
Daniel Levinson Wilk
LuLu LoLo
Joel Sosinsky

Advisory Board Donors
Rick Bell
Cheryl Beredo
Esther Cohen
Roberta Elins
Robert Forrant

Shirtwaist Seamstress/Tailor
United College Employees of FIT

Pattern Maker
Amalgamated Bank
Louis H. Blumengarten
Safety Executives of New York Inc.

Lee Feuerstein
Robert Forrant
Alison Nowak
Richard Rumelt and Jean Erlbaum
Teamsters Local Union No. 72
Ellen Todd

Cheryl Beredo
Meg Browne
Janella Hinds
Elaine and Diana Kennedy
Jose M. Lopez Middle School
Dianna Maeurer
Barry Peek
Bruce Rosen
Elisabeth Scarff
Randy Sharp
Henry Sussman
Transport Workers Union Local 100

Elevator Operator
Emily Bass
Suzanne Pred Bass
Rick Bell
Samantha Berg
Deborah Berke
Bread and Roses Heritage Committee
Barbara Burrell
Barbara Campbell
Roy Campolongo
Nancy C. Carnevale
Esther Cohen
Greg DeFreitas
Robert and Patricia Del Castillo
Christina J. Foley
Ford Foundation Charitable Gift Program
John Glynn
Frances Hurley in memory of her mother, Audrey June Hurley
Susan Jensen in memory of the 146 people who never came home
David Johnson
Jerome Kopelman
Maria La Russo
LuLu LoLo
Joyce Mendelsohn
Caroline Ramsay Merriam
Lisa Merrill
John Morawetz
Joe Bacal and Anne Newman
Norman Reisman
Christopher Rhomberg
Ann Robinson
Naomi and Michael Rosenfeld
Susan Sgarlat
Joel Sosinsky and Adrianne Sosin
Brian Spaulding
Lewis and Mary Steinberg
Martha Sullivan
Alice Swersey in memory of Burt Swersey
Teamsters Local Union No. 122
Anne Teicher
Mark Tennyson
Hal Tepfer
Mary Anne Trasciatti
Joseph Vitale
Elizabeth R. Weiner

Labor Organizer
Alexandra and Sheila Avelin
Madeline Belkin
Gene Carroll and Barbara Kopple
May Chen
Susan Corbett
Marilyn DelVescovo
Jayme Epstein
Lisa Gigante
Susan Jensen

Labor Organizer (Continued)
Robert and Vicki Margolis
Donna McStay
Gerald Meyer and Luis Romero
Kenneth T. Monteiro and Leo J. Blackman
Norman Reisman
Jacob Remes
Rosemarie Roach
Todd Rubinstein
Joel Schaffer
Joel Shufro
Hanna Griff-Sleven and Paul Sleven
Peggy and Jeffrey Tepper
Mary Townswick
Suzanne Wasserman
Robert Youdelman

Janet Barnett
Julie Bittman
Paulette Brinka
Bruce Cohen
William Garfinkel
Dominic Gelfuso
Abbott Gorin
Lora Griff in honor of Nicole Brener Kadish
Barbara Hickernell
Jill Hurst
Michael Ippolito
J & S Ives
Francisco Javier Gutierrez Jareño
Susan Katz
Dr. Henry Kellerman
Phyllis Kesner
Henrietta Levine
Maria Lisella
Susanna Margolis
Suzanne McGovern
Sharon McGowan
Thomas Moore
David Neinken
Barbara Paul
Concetta Prestera
Martin Price
Sharon L. Regan
David and Bonnie Rose
Michael Ross
Anita and Carol Rotman
Mary Ryan
Jules Sigler
John E. Slatery
Anna Marie Spallina
Lisa Steglich
Maria Terrone
Carolyn Villanova
Paula Webster
Sandra West
Jacob Wolofsky
Robert Youdelman

Thanks to all the Sponsors listed below who have donated $100 or more to the Coalition.

Albert Catalano
American Social History Project
Adrienne Andi Sosin + Joel Sosinsky
Andrea Coyle – Lower East Side History Project
Andrew + Miriam Sanello
Annmarie Brown
Barbara Burrell
Barbara Campbell
The Bay Ridge Historical Society
Beatrice Vargas, in memoriam
Bill Russo
Blair Brewster
Bricklayers & Allied Craftsworkers Local 1 NY
Brindle-Khym Family
Burt Swersey
Carol & Harold Sader
Charles Levenstein
Chelsea Reform Democratic Club
Ching Wong + Mary Yee
Cynthia Drew
David Kook
David Prouty
David von Drehle
Diane Fortuna
Dianna Maeurer
Donna Nevel
Edgar & Gladys Romney
Elaine Ferranti-Kenndy
Ellen Todd
Esther Cohen
Ethix Ventures Inc.
Family of Rose Schneiderman
Fashion Institute of Technology
Gennaro Pecchia
Hal Tepfer
Hanna Griff-Sleven
H. Theodore Cohen
Harry Robbins
Henry Street Settlement
Heriberto Vargas
Italian American Writers’ Association
Janet E. Garvey
Jo Ann E Argersinger
Jo Hamilton
John D. Calandra Italian American Institute, CUNY
Joyce Mendelsohn
Judith Polson
Judith Stonehill
Kate Bostock Shefferman + Jesse Shefferman
Kevin Foley
Labor – Religion Coalition of New
York State
Labor and Working Class History Association
League of Women Voters of the City
of New York
Lee Feuerstein
Lynn Steuer
Maria Elena Capaldo
Maria La Russo
Marian Gray
Marise Hausner
Martha Fleischman
Mary Hirsch
May Ying Chen
Nancy Lorence
Nassau Reading Council
Natalie Sosinsky
National Consumers League
New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health (NYCOSH)
New York State United Teachers
Norman Reisman
NY/NJ Regional Board Workers United/SEIU
Paradiso-Parthas Press / Feile-Festa
Rekindling Reform
Robert Forrant
Rosemarie Ottomanelli
Rosina Cirrito Descendents
Roy Campolongo
Ryan Heffernan
Save Chelsea
Social Democrats, USA
Socialist Party of New York City
Steven & Ellen Eshchuk
Susan Cowell
Susan Lee
Suzanne Pred Bass
Suzanne Wasserman
Tom Lansner
Turning Point Acupuncture
United College Employees of FIT
United Jewish People’s Order
Veemin + Kitty Yee
Walter McClatchey, Jr
Washington Square Hotel
Washington State Coalition of Labor Women
Women’s eNews