2021 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Commemoration

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Centennial 1911-2011

Workers United Centennial Commemoration – March 25, 2011

Washington Place and Greene Street, New York City

Thanks to our partners around the country who created events in their cities:

Chicago – Amy Laiken

Washington, DC – Trina Tocco, International Labor Rights Forum

San Francisco – Steve Zeltzer, LaborFest

Los Angeles – Andy Griggs, LA LaborFest

* video by Magnus Pind Bjerre

3 comments to Commemoration

  • Leila S Mustachi

    I sent a check to donate to the memorial at the E 11th St. address I had. I hope you get it without a problem. Please let me know. I did not know the POB address.

  • this is so heartbreaking and sadly could have been avoided. It is dishearteneing to know that the people who rented the factory were not imprisoned. If the workers were not locked in – many more could have been saved.
    As a member of the SOns of Italy in Watertown, massachusetts, we commemorate this event every year. This year it will held on March 3, 2019. I will be speaking at the event. I am an elected Massachusetts Governor’s Councillor.
    We have a lunch and speak about this horrific event so we will never forget.
    Thank you.

  • gina consolini

    May their souls rest in peace.Amen