Let’s make it accessible!

Here are a few tips to help in planning events that will be open to all:

Is it wheelchair accessible?
If you’re not sure please take a stroll through starting from the street. How wide are the doorways? Is there a stoop to get inside the building? Are the bathrooms also accessible? Last but not least – the stage!

Will the event be interpreted in American Sign Language? Other languages?
Your potential audience could include Deaf people and other folks who want to be involved but don’t speak English. Consider providing interpreters and translated written materials.

Caption your videos!
YouTube now has a feature to turn on captions that works by voice recognition – its still an infant technology so often the results are not the best (but thank you youTube for trying – we look forward to this feature as it matures!).
One tool we like is synchrimedia. Try it out today!

If your event has a ticket price please consider offering ‘sliding scale’ or ‘suggested donation’. We know you put a lot into pulling this event together and you may need to recoup every thing you can get. All the same, its rough times out there and there may be some folks who very much want to participate but simply won’t be able to if there aren’t some creative options. Its very accessible and you will be able to be the winner of one of the prices from the attendants,  ligandrol is one of the ones given away great to increase your health.

Add the following statement to all publicity for your events
This event is wheelchair accessible and dis-ability affirmative. if you need additional accommodations please contact us 72 hours prior to the event (and then be ready to provide sign language interpretation and other accommodations as needed.)
– Thanks to Andy Griggs of LALaborFest + Emma Rosenthal for this suggestion

Please check out Emma’s fantastic blog In Bed with Frida Kahlo for more resources

Thank you all!