The deaths of young Jewish and Italian immigrants trapped in the Triangle Shirt Waist Factory on March 25, 1911 was one of the worst workplace tragedies in our nation’s history. It galvanized a nascent labor movement, spurred historic legislation to protect workers’ safety, improved working conditions, and ultimately laid the basis for the New Deal labor reforms.

Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, is erecting a permanent public memorial on the façade of the building where the fire took place. Designed by Uri Wegman and Richard Joon Yoo, the memorial begins as a stainless-steel “ribbon” that descends from the ninth floor, where most of the workers perished.

At the cornice above the first floor, it divides into horizontal bands on the east and south facades. The names of the 146 victims will be laser cut into these panels. The names and the sky above will be reflected in angled panels below. A single line of text describes the tragedy.

New York State has granted a generous $1.5 million towards the $2.17 million needed.

A commemorative book, to be distributed at the dedication ceremony, offers the public an opportunity to support construction of the memorial by purchasing an ad. Donors contributing $25,000 or more will be recognized on a vertical panel of the memorial, but all donors will be listed in the commemorative book.

Please join us in supporting this important and timely project that will serve as a permanent reminder of the crucial need for workplace safety and the fundamental obligation that all workers be treated with respect and human dignity.

More info on the fabrication and construction of the memorial:

Find out how you can help build the Triangle Fire Memorial here.