The memorial will include the names of all victims of the Triangle Fire (available here). The design proposal will provide viewers with an educational experience and resonate with contemporary labor and social justice concerns. The names of the victims must be accessible to the public.

To the extent possible, projects should aim to utilize materials and techniques, along with a design approach, consistent with the aim of improved environmental performance and stewardship. Proposed materials should be included as part of the submission.

Proposals should respect the fact that there are other academic activities, and residential buildings, adjacent to the site. Projects should be considerate of neighbors and should not create unnecessary light, sound or other disruptions.


The site is challenging for several reasons. Means of ingress and egress may not be blocked. Mechanical elements or the building’s infrastructure, such as air intake and exhaust, may not be blocked or disrupted.

Any element that is attached to the building for any duration (permanent or temporary) must meet OSHA and other city, state and federal regulations for fire and life safety. Elements such as banners may not be made of flammable material. No water features are allowed.

Submissions must be designed to suit an exterior location and hold up in a high-traffic environment and extreme weather conditions. Per local law requirements, periodic façade masonry maintenance and current building maintenance activities: designs must allow for temporary removal of the memorial.


The location of the memorial is the façade of the building where the fire took place, The Brown Building, formerly the Asch Building, is located at 23-29 Washington Place, New York, NY 10003. The Brown Building is currently a heavily used, active, academic building. No alterations may be made that block doors or windows, or otherwise disrupt the functions within the building. Because of this, proposals are strongly encouraged to utilize predetermined acceptable areas, where indicated on the elevation diagram provided. The interior of the building and adjacent sidewalks are not available for use.

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